Where to save & where to splurge when building your new home

Where to save & where to splurge when building your new home

27 June, 2022

Building a home is always an exciting time. Perhaps you’re transitioning into a larger (or smaller) space to better suit your lifestyle. Maybe you want to live in a new neighbourhood with more green-space, or you’re simply a first-time homebuyer starting life on your own. Whatever your stage, building a new home can also bring questions, doubts, and unfortunately, stress at times when it comes to your bank account. Except, it doesn’t need to be this way. Building a new home with a reputable builder brings security, safety, quality and honesty – all things that you should never jeopardize or skimp on when deciding on a builder to work with.

Bungalow Group President, Nicole Ciarrocchi and owner of Homes by Bungalow believes that although there are decisions to be made that would cost a little more upfront, there are ways to save on finishes if upfront costs have you weary of moving forward with a new home construction.

Where to save

“I always recommend Clients choose a neutral floor tile, carpet and/or colour scheme. Most of these choices are large spaces and make big impact…and they’re harder and more costly to change out later so getting it right the first time is really essential”, says Ciarrocchi. If you’ve got a contemporary decorating bug, Nicole also recommends keeping trends and more flashy or busy patterns that you love, but have the potential to show their age, to smaller areas like a powder room. “Beautiful and colourful mosaics can be a stunning addition to your home and we shouldn’t deny ourselves the opportunity to showcase personal preferences on finishes that we love.”

Where to splurge

Nicole mentions that if needing to sharpen your home budget, countertops, lighting, and hardware are areas where more cost effective decisions can be made. Because they are easier to change later, choosing less expensive selections upfront can help to ease the stress of a tighter budget. This allows you to fully customize your living areas further with style (and function) when you’re over the initial stage of building.

Homes By Bungalow is currently celebrating over 25 years and more than 700 dwellings built! We are currently building 2 model homes in the beautiful area of LaSalle, ON (a suburb of Windsor-Essex County, located in Ontario Canada) situated among green spaces, and big city amenities with a small town feel. This is our third and final stage of luxury semi-detached quality built ranch homes in the neighbourhood.

For more information, please visit www.hamptonsinlasalle.com