The BASF HP + Wall System

This isn’t just any wall. It’s a new way to build homes and buildings, one that increases the durability and longevity of a house, and makes economic sense for both builders and owners. It’s the HP+™ Wall System.

  • Structurally stronger than using OSB and 2 X 6 studs.
  • High Performance and High Effective R Values.
  • 10 Year Warranty.
  • Eliminate wood OSB sheathing (E & XR).
  • 3rd Party Engineer Tested and Verified.
  • Compliant with current and future codes.
  • Smaller footprint than conventional walls.
  • Cost Competitive to traditional construction methods.
  • Superior Air Tightness.

When you’re choosing insulation, make the right choice: WALLTITE®, the purple insulation. The insulation that pays you back.

  • Closed cell 2lb spray foam.
  • WALLTITE is Ecologo certified, a widely recognized multi-attribute environmental certification.
  • Prevents infiltration of pollutants, allergen’s and toxins from outside the home by creating an air tight seal to your building envelope.
  • Prevents growth of mold and fungi by controlling movement of moisture through the building envelope and eliminating condensation on surfaces.
  • Meets the strict requirements of GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD GOLD certifications ensuring optimal occupant health, comfort and safety.
  • Increases structural strength of your home’s walls.
  • WALLTITE is 3 products in one – your insulation, air barrier and vapour barrier.

BASF HP + Wall System - XR Series BASF HP + Wall System - XR Series
BASF HP + Wall System BASF HP + Wall System