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Bungalow Group is celebrating our 30th Anniversary!

We are so grateful to our wonderful clients for over 30 years of providing beautiful & sustainable homes in the Windsor-Essex & Chatham-Kent regions.

Since 1994, Windsor’s own award-winning Bungalow Group and its partnering companies have had the pleasure of constructing nearly 700 housing units for satisfied homeowners. Our experience ranges from custom homes, single family dwellings, semi-detached units and condominiums as well as some commercial buildings.

At Homes by Bungalow, our homes are designed and built using only high quality materials at the best possible prices, while being committed to the best quality and design. To ensure that one of your life’s biggest investments are protected, all of our homes are covered by the Tarion Home Warranty.

Since 1994, Bungalow Group has championed a vision that has built communities, friendships, and families. For over 30 years we’ve played a key role in building the communities that we serve and look forward to doing so for another 25 years and beyond.

We have earned a reputation for integrity, diversity, and attention to detail which have long been the core tenants of our success. Our relentless commitment to building safe and responsible high-quality homes is widely recognized and respected by clients, realtors and building professionals all across Windsor-Essex.



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Great homes don’t start with a shovel in the ground. They don’t even start with architects and blueprints. Great homes start with vision and a group of people with the drive and determination to bring that vision to life. For one family after another, for over 30 years.

We take pride in not only the homes that we build, but the relationships we develop in the process. To us, there is no better feeling than delivering a dream home to one of our beloved customers which is what motivates us every day.

Nicole Ciarrocchi
– President

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