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Energy Star ® Construction

Energy Star The Ontario Building Code (OBC) targets every house to be Energy Guide New Home (EGNH) 80+++ by 2012. Why wait until then, have your house built now with ENERGY STAR ® construction. Have a house of the future.

Why build an Energy Star ® house?

  • 30% to 40% less energy consumed than a house built to the minimum OBC
  • Up to 1,200 kWhs reduction in electricity use
  • Up to 3 tonnes reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

Energy Star ® Enrollment and labelling:

  • Home enrollment generates a house file number that is used to track and reference the house from pre-construction through to evaluation and a ENERGY STAR ® label being issued.
  • It is also the authentic verification number for the home that the homeowner can reference for their CMHC mortgage insurance rebate & 10 year amortization extension.
  • All ENERGY STAR ® qualified homes are tested and verified by independent, third party contractors trained and certified by EnerQuality.

What you will recieve:

  • ENERGY STAR ® Qualified New Home Label
  • ENERGY STAR ® Qualified New Home Certificate
  • Homeowner’s letter from NRCan
  • ENERGY STAR ® Plaque (exterior application)


To help with your ENERGY STAR ® home, you should think of looking for the ENERGY STAR ® Label on appliances. If you buy or already have ENERGY STAR ® Labeled appliances, let us know so we can add it to your house rating. (Appliances must be installed in house before closing if you would like it to be added to the evaluation of your home. Installation of appliance will be extra)


2 x 4 @ 16" o.c. wall, OSB 7/16th sheeting wrapped with typar, 2" R-10 ridged insulation, with all windows and seams tuck tape sealed, with R-12 insulation.

  • Benefits: OSB strengthens structure, typar gives an extra vapor barrier, 2” ridged insulation prevents thermal bridging, tuck tape gives another vapor barrier.

Roof change from a 6/12 pitch to a 7/12 pitch.

  • Benefits: More effective insulation and ventilation. Snow is unaffected and ice damming reduced or prevented.

Blow-in ceiling insulation changes from R-40 to R-50.

  • Benefits: More insulation in ceiling helps prevent heat lose through attic.

Tape all joints in main air supply and return duct work.

  • Benefits: Tighter seal around ductwork.

Tankless water heater.

  • Benefits: 84% efficiency, up to 45% energy saving

High efficiency gas furnace 95% V enhanced w/ECM motor 2 stage blower ENERGY STAR ® Labeled.

  • Benefits: Lowers your gas and electrical consumption by 80%

HRV: Heat Recovery Ventilator ENERGY STAR ® Labeled.

  • Benefits: Improved air quality in house, helps to remove interior moisture from home to create a more dry and comfortable home

14 SEER Air conditioner ENERGY STAR ® Labeled.

  • Benefits: Lower utility costs

ENERGY STAR ® Labeled lighting (where applicable)

  • Benefits: Lower utility costs

Solar ready conduit.

  • Benefits: 4" conduit run from utility room to trusses, easy to run future solar panel equipment and wiring.

ENERGY STAR ® Labeled windows (Low E argon filled)

  • Benefits: Reduces heat loss from the building interior in winter and heat gain in summer

Two layers of R-12 batt insulation witch is R-24 above grade in knee-wall, with R-12 batt insulation to floor.

  • Benefits: Reduces heat loss through pour foundation wall

Poly under basement concrete floor slab.

  • Benefits: Helps to prevent moisture penetration through concrete slab

LOW expansion urethane foam around windows and any air breach.

  • Benefits: Advanced way to insulated around small spaces to prevent heat loss

Plastic vapor barrier electrical boxes on exterior walls.

  • Benefits: Tighter seal around outside wall plugs and switches for a tighter seal

Typar rim board returned through floor system to interior walls and vapour barrier

  • Benefits: Tighter seal for less heat and air loss

Programmable thermostat ENERGY STAR ® Labeled

  • Benefits: To be able to preset your house temperatures for different times during day or night to save on utility cost

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